Triangle Office Building

A mixed-use office building clad in energy-efficient glazing embraces its three-sided site in pure triangular form while playfully reflecting its eclectic urban context.

350,000 SF


Denver, CO

2016 Honorable Mention for Interior Architecture, AIA Denver

2016 Westword’s Best New Building

2016 Downtown Denver Award, Downtown Denver Partnership

East West Partners

The Triangle Office Building is aptly named for the ten-story mixed-use office building’s direct design response to its three-sited site, crisply delineating the urban edges. Only a subtle jog in the hypotenuse breaks the purity of the triangle, to mark the West entry and a porte cochere. Located in Denver’s bustling Union Station neighborhood, the unique corner site provided the opportunity to create a building with stature and materiality that stands apart but in constant dialogue with its eclectic surroundings. The building’s sleek glass walls provide changing reflections of the surrounding architecture and light qualities throughout the day, animating the façade minute by minute.

The interior of the building provides an equally engaging experience; in section, the lobby dramatically connects two entrances at the different street levels of 16th and Wewatta Streets, slicing across the diagonal of the building. As the lobby steps, the wood ceiling above fluidly and playfully links the grand scale of the two story public space across from the train station with the lower scaled porte cochere to the west. The flowing form of the lobby ceiling stands in stark contrast to the angular crispness of the building exterior. Flanking the lobby, active retail spaces clad in clear glass visually connect tenants, patrons and pedestrians, helping shape a vibrant new public plaza with unique urban amenities.

In 2019, the Triangle Building was noted as one of the Ten Best New Buildings in Downtown Denver, and in addition to serving as the home to Fortune 500 companies such as Liberty Global, has become an iconic building within the downtown fabric.  The building has also become a fan favorite for architectural photographers and enthusiasts alike to photograph during one of many of Colorado’s technicolor sunsets.

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