We believe design is a process of discovery built on the framework of program, context, craft and character.

Design is a process of exploration, iteration and discovery within which a project’s unique and transformative opportunities are revealed, nurtured and integrated into a cohesive whole. These explorations are not a product of pre-conceived ideas, but are guided by the conviction that design is a direct function of the depth and range of inquiry. At Anderson Mason Dale Architects, we believe the framework for this process of discovery is built on program, context, craft and character.


The narrative and description of the task at hand.

Program is the holistic and experiential proposition of purpose and function in a building. It is rooted in the realities of the present, yet optimistic about the potentials of the future. Our work begins with the aspirations, values, identity and charge of our clients and their communities.


The network of physical, cultural and temporal patterns within which our work exists

By its nature, context is ever-evolving, shaped by persistent human and natural intervention. Our work seeks to understand each project’s greater context. And not simply to replicate the patterns of place, but to critically reveal, synthesize and reconstruct these to amplify what makes each place distinct, impactful and beautiful.


The vernacular of architecture

The most fundamental consideration of an architect, craft is our primary language rooted in a vocabulary of techniques and traditions. We pursue elegant, coherent solutions that celebrate the act of building through the careful consideration of material, scale, proportion, performance, and hierarchy.


Architecture’s ability to speak to us in a visceral way

Our awareness of the physical world is shaped by the many sensual dimensions of architecture including light, texture, color and sound. AMD’s work seeks to heighten this perception by creating resonant and memorable places, leaving us with an undeniable and indelible impression of our surroundings.

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