Spruce Residence Hall

A vibrant living/learning environment that provides program spaces that support the well-being of all Mines’ students.

122,000 SF


Golden, CO


Awards & Recognition
2021 Association of General Contractors ACE Awards, Bronze Award

Colorado School of Mines

Spruce Residence Hall is a 400-bed freshmen residence hall comprised of vibrant living, collaborative, and wellness-focused spaces that support the School’s vision for campus housing that fosters learning, growth, and a global perspective. In contrast to self-contained housing projects, Spruce Hall builds upon Mines’ masterplan for connected precincts by placing student life spaces on the ground level, woven into the pedestrian experience. The upper floors of the building are focused on the freshmen community; neighborhoods of 30 students are complemented by a resident assistant, community bathroom, study lounge, and dedicated gathering space.

The exterior of the building reflects the architectural character of Mines while celebrating the lives and educations of its students. The interior of the project is more intimate and varied; while each space is distinct in its use and purpose, the design meaningfully contributes to the physical and mental health of Mines’ students.

Throughout the building, a variety of program spaces supporting different scales and uses provide students with flexibility and personal choice as they learn and develop within their new environment. As many student’s first home away from home, students may choose from a range of public, private, expansive, and/or secluded spaces in which they might conduct different activities. Student stakeholders stressed the importance of design for the well-being of all Mines students throughout the design process. Spruce Hall includes a shared wellness center, fitness center, game room, collaboration lab, café, study space, and private “refuge” spaces on each floor, available to all. The building is an inclusive, dynamic environment that contributes to campus while creating a home that provides students with a sense of belonging and community.

In collaboration with NAC Architecture

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