Energy Engagement Center

A community event space dedicated to education and innovation for an energy-efficient future in northeastern Colorado.

5,500 SF


Fort Collins, CO

Platte River Power Authority

The Platte River Power Authority is a semi-public electrical utility company providing electrical power for much of northeastern Colorado. The Energy Engagement Center (EEC) is a community event space dedicated to innovation and conversation about an energy-efficient future. As an addition to the headquarters building, the core goal of the EEC is to invite the community in as an active partner in progressing Platte River's role as a leader in 21st-century energy innovation and its commitment to meet a 100% non-carbon energy mix by 2030.

The EEC is built upon biophilic principles that reinforce the indoor-outdoor relationships showcased by expanding a pond into a sizeable geo-exchange sink, a crucial part of the on-site renewable energy strategy. An interpretive wall demonstrates the rich story of electrical energy production in northeastern Colorado while charting a new trajectory for the future of its production and distribution.

The inspiration for the design evolved from Platte River’s ongoing and deep commitment to reliable and sustainable electric power – a lofty goal that manifests as an inviting 'pavilion in a park'. Transparent glass wraps the building’s volume in a shimmering masonry that opens at the corner to reveal the main gathering space inside. A large canopy roof overhang provides solar shading while also communicating a welcoming and state-of-the-art facility. At its core, the Energy Engagement Center represents a mission to galvanize the community around a sustainable future for energy.

An interpretive education and history wall demonstrate the rich story of energy production in northeastern Colorado while charting a new trajectory for the future of production and distribution.

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