Paul Haack Honored with 2020 Architect of the Year Award

August 18, 2020


Anderson Mason Dale was thrilled to see Paul S. Haack, AIA recognized as Architect of the Year at the AIA Colorado Design & Honor Awards. Haack has worked for AMD for 33 years and was firm President from 2008-2020. Haack has served as project designer for more than 30 higher education projects — applying skill, creativity, and expertise to the requirements of every project. He is regarded by all that know him as a highly respected mentor and role model.

Haack’s thoughtful, inquisitive approach to iterative design as well as his mastery of all phases of a design process—from program development to a deep understanding of the context and craft required to build long-lasting buildings will continue to inform the firm’s carefully considered, thoughtfully documented and realized design projects.

Congrats Paul on this well-deserved award!

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