Newman Center for the Performing Arts

A world-class performing arts center designed to support diverse programming and educational opportunities.

182,000 SF


Denver, CO

2003 Citation Award for Architecture, American Institute of Architects, Colorado

2003 Merit Award for Interiors, American Institute of Architects, Colorado

2004 Honor Award, Rocky Mountain Masonry Institute

University of Denver

The Newman Center for the Performing Arts is a multi-disciplinary arts venue for the University of Denver (DU) campus and Colorado community, while serving as home to DU’s premier music performance school, the Lamont School of Music. The Center provides “innovative, diverse and thought-provoking” performance and education opportunities that “enable the community to remain engaged, inspired, and connected through the performing arts.” The building houses state-of-the-art spaces including a concert hall, recital hall and flexible theater, recording studio, top floor practice rooms, and unique rehearsal rooms.

The Newman Center design integrates technical prowess with ephemeral design to create spaces that perform like a well-tuned instrument. Acoustic excellence and cutting-edge music and theater technology are integral to the performance, studio, and practice spaces, designed to attract and inspire visitors, faculty, and students. The public spaces connecting performance and practice spaces are welcoming and generous in size, leading to spontaneous practice sessions, discussions, pre- and post-performance gatherings, and relaxation between rehearsals. Quieter teaching studios provide a counter point, with focus-oriented spaces that encourage individual practice and study.  

The building’s materiality and scale relate to the existing campus palette and traditional architectural vocabulary. A monumental entrance and signage along a main vehicular and campus corridor support wayfinding and comfortable circulation during large events. A highly visible exterior sculpture in relief on the exterior of the building indicates the music and artistic expression occurring within the building, eliciting intrigue and acknowledgement of this important venue and community resource.

“I am certain that the Newman Center for The Performing Arts is the finest building that the University has ever constructed.”

Daniel Ritchie
Chancellor Emeritus, University of Denver

“After 139 years, the Newman Center for the Performing Arts is the finest building the University of Denver has. For some that is reflected in its majesty of form, the feel of its materials, the success of its acoustics, or the promises of the performances to come. For me it is its considered balance. Its structure supports its acoustics, its art reflects its purpose, and its solidity is belied by the humor of its art.”

Mark Rodgers
University Architect, University of Denver

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