Micron Center for Materials Science Research

A world class materials science facility designed with materials reflective of the programs and research within.

91,270 SF

Boise, ID


Boise State University

The new Micron School of Materials Science is a world class facility that utilizes high-performance materials and expressive program elements to showcase Boise State’s materials science program. Conceived as a research hub that optimizes connections to other programs and corporate partners, the building is a cornerstone development within a developing precinct of campus, creating a new gateway for the program and university.

To showcase research within the facility, four dedicated neighborhoods reflect the four core areas of research; DNA/ Bio-Nanotechnology, Materials Chemistry, Applied Electrochemistry, and Thin Films. Faculty and graduate spaces provide complementary programming; working suites are designed to create “living rooms for researchers” complete with conferencing, workrooms, kitchens, and collaborative spaces. Educational spaces within the building serve the entire campus, providing access to flexible classrooms and lecture halls.

The building’s materiality respects the campus’s brick architectural heritage while introducing newer materials reflective of its program. The building is composed as a traditional brick massing with an animated street edge. The research block is a brick massing directly informed by campus context. The North part of the building displays a distinct approach to material sourcing and detailing with the use of zinc panels, chosen for their long-lasting, sustainable material science properties. The “L”-shaped building is divided into two distinct zones; a University Plaza accommodates day-to-day activity and campus circulation while an intimate Micron School of Material Science courtyard extends learning, pre-function activities, and collaboration into outdoor spaces.

In collaboration with Hummel Architects

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