Career + Technical Education and Innovation Center

An award-winning design proposal that reimagines a former auto dealership site as a dynamic network of spaces and experiences that foster the exploration of diverse career pathways.


2020 A4LE Award for an Unbuilt Project

AMD Architects Honored with 2020 A4LE Rocky Mountain Design Awards

Littleton Public Schools

The design proposal for the Littleton Career + Technical Education and Innovation Center reimagines the former site of an auto dealership as a vibrant network of indoor and outdoor spaces strategically renovated and landscaped to support dynamic learning, technical, and multi-purpose environments for students, faculty, and the community. The design proposal poses questions and potential design solutions that aim to maximize budget opportunities and the community’s initial return on investment while realizing priorities such as facilitating collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking, and placemaking.

The concept of creating a place for students to explore diverse “pathways” serves as an important metaphor for the site organization. Anchored by two large warehouse buildings on opposite ends of a paved site, the proposal aims to utilize existing infrastructure while introducing landscape elements that are sustainable, educational, and support multiple programs.

A wealth of varied activities are hosted at the CTE and Innovation Center, enabled by a rich ecosystem of outdoor settings that thoughtfully and economically transform the existing site into an exciting place to learn, make, collaborate, test, and gather. Community-focused spaces such as an Arrival Terrace and Gantry Plaza, a multi-purpose space that might function as a stage, presentation venue, or drone field are complemented by more technical spaces such as the Yard, an outdoor hardcourt for fabrication, projects, and maker activity.

What moves can be made now to sow the seeds for a campus that engenders a character and culture of innovation?

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