Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, Denver

History Synchronized with Modern Aspirations

30,500 SF


Denver, CO

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie

Deeply rooted in Denver with a heritage extending over 120 years, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie (LRRC) wanted to culturally catalyze their recent merger while simultaneously synchronizing around their new generation of attorneys. This fresh and aspirational new office, located on the top floors of McGregor Square in LoDo, is a bold symbol of the firm’s desire to have a deeper emotional connection to their surroundings, and simultaneously create a vibrant ecosystem where a state-of-the-art, hospitality-driven work-style can flourish.

Historic LoDo details are referenced and re-invented in a contemporary language throughout the outward-looking space, paying homage to the firm’s roots while representing the modern ingenuity with which they identify their practice. Abundant natural daylight, a floating communicating stair, and dramatic view corridors shape and punctuate this space with simple elegance.

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