Innovation Center

Celebrating collaboration and creative exploration by promoting student ingenuity, entrepreneurial rigor, and industry partnerships.

50,000 SF

Longmont, CO


2017 Rockies Merit Award for Unbuilt Project, A4LE Rocky Mountain Chapter

2019 Peak Design Award for Built Project, A4LE Rocky Mountain Chapter

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St Vrain Valley School District

The St. Vrain Valley Schools (SVVS) describes the Innovation Center as a place that “transcends the traditional classroom,” providing students with experiential opportunities to develop and enhance skills through real-world experiences. Designed to embody a culture of creative thinking, exploration, and execution, the Innovation Center’s hands-on, flexible spaces emulate higher education and business environments. In lieu of lecture-based classrooms, a range of maker studios, fabrication laboratories, flexible classrooms and meeting spaces foster an atmosphere of experience-based learning.

To support SVVS’s mission to promote student research, development, and making, the building stitches together a rich network of maker, lab, and STEM spaces with interstitial spaces for idea generation, individual work, collaboration, meetings, and presentations. A centralized forum with tiered seating provides a hub for day-to-day activities, informal congregation, and events. Fabrication labs and maker spaces are located on the first level, equipped with overhead garage doors for outdoor access. A STEM suite, complete with lab, classroom, and flex spaces provides an ecosystem of active-learning spaces.

The building’s configuration and character is inspired by the Colorado Rocky Mountain landscape, with an abstract translation informing the building’s massing, materiality, and interiors. The façade responds to the varied programming within the building; the modulation of elements and elevations echoes the distinct ideas, prototypes, and aspirational outcomes generated within the corresponding interior spaces.

The Innovation Center is a place for students to experience a professional-grade setting. A place that fosters experience-based learning, while connecting the kids with workplace culture and environments they can expect in the future.

"This building pulls people in, and they have transformational experiences. They see how space and technology can be used, and they go back to their own schools and re-think the potential of what they have. This place is dynamic enough to energize and inspire people across the district."

Axel Reitzig
Coordinator of Innovation

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