GSA New Office Building

A high-security office building that promotes open, flexible workspaces, amenities, and outdoor spaces that prioritize employee health and well-being.



Denver, CO


The Federal Field Office Building, which was delivered within the General Services Administration Design Excellence Program, is a secure yet highly sustainable workplace that prioritizes the comfort and health of its employees. The interior planning and design provide employees with a progressive workplace connected to the natural environment and informed by sustainable principles. Work environments are organized around a central interior courtyard. Every workspace is no less than 45 feet from natural daylight. The building is organized around a central courtyard and garden, with an emphasis on employee wellness.

The building exterior consists of a solid, secure plinth that houses building amenities, while providing a base for the glass office building above. Carefully designed entry sequences and generous landscaping between the building and its perimeter provide additional levels of security while still promoting a welcoming building image.

In collaboration with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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