Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

May 4, 2023


We recognize diversity as a moral and ethical imperative and acknowledge the layers of historical and institutional action and intent underpinning the inequities within our society and profession. We understand and embrace the intangible value of authentically reflecting the communities we serve through all levels of our firm. This allows us to build stronger empathy, understanding, and communication surrounding the common lived experiences of the community. Growing our studio to include a broad range of backgrounds and unique perspectives allows us to offer more nuanced, innovative, and culturally responsive solutions.

Our Commitment

Anderson Mason Dale Architects is deeply committed to diversity, inclusion, gender equity, racial diversity, and LGBTQ+ representation throughout the firm.

Our studio community directs the character of our work. This is our legacy.

Reflecting and empathizing with our communities is instrumental in our effectiveness in addressing project circumstances and shaping appropriate solutions that advance their aspirations and visions.

We are collaborators. We embrace the responsibility of engaging all perspectives. We believe in building an equitable environment for all, one which celebrates our commonalities and diversity. Design is a shared responsibility.

As architects of the public realm, we foster positive influence in society. By exploring and engaging the patterns that inform society, our role is to listen, translate, embrace, and challenge. 

2023 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan

As part of our ongoing EDI effort, AMD identified and assessed our ability to recruit, hire, retain, promote, and celebrate a diverse staff. Over several months, staff and leadership participated in organized listening sessions, surveys, and conversations. Our EDI committee absorbed and integrated the feedback. The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan synthesizes employees' responses, identifies actionable goals, and maintains accountability.

View our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan on Issuu.

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