Colegio Americano de Puebla P-12 Campus

A P-12 campus design informed by sustainable design, community, traditions, and experiential transformation.



Puebla, Mexico

2009 Citation Award, Planning, American Institute of Architects, Colorado Chapter

2008 Merit Award, Unbuilt Architecture, American Institute of Architects, Western Mountain Region

2008 Citation Award, Unbuilt Architecture, American Institute of Architects, Denver Chapter

Colegio Americano de Puebla

The design for a private P-12 campus in Pueblo, Mexico was selected as the winning proposal of an international design competition. Designed in association with Idea Asociados de Mexico, the new campus is envisioned as an educational “oasis in the city,” with green roofs atop linear classroom bars that shape unique garden courtyards for each academic level.

The proposed design transforms the image of the school within its community while utilizing a sustainable approach to development. Spaces that serve as symbols of campus tradition are carefully preserved and integrated within the site. Buildings are designed to maximize natural daylight and ventilation.

Parking and site circulation are also improved; a new vehicular zone at the west edge of campus increases curb-side drop-off while providing two distinct zones for younger and older children. A garden path links the diverse patios of the new campus, creating a vibrant spine of educational exploration.

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