City Center South and Fire Station No. 1

A municipal office building provides flexibility and placemaking to set the stage for City Center, a long-term master plan vision for Greeley.

City Center: 50,000 SF (PH 1), 90,000 SF (PH 2)

Fire Station: 25,000 SF


Greeley, CO

City of Greeley

AMD Architects was engaged to provide programming, master site planning, and design services for a new municipal complex, City Center. The project began with a master planning phase, studying the existing and new buildings within Greeley’s civic core. The master plan identified actionable steps that would result in a cohesive civic campus. To date, Phase 1 of the project, City Center South, and Fire Station #1 have been completed. City Center South provides workplace environments with conferencing and civic spaces that support six City departments.

Future Phase 2 of the City Center consists of approximately 90,000 SF for most of the city administrative departments not housed in Phase 1. Phase 1 and Phase 2 were designed together so that the future phase can be added in a way that maximizes connectivity between the two phases and minimizes re-work of Phase 1. Working with the completed Fire Station #1 and existing city buildings, City Center South takes the first steps towards establishing Greeley’s transformed civic core.

The design process for City Center South is best described as dynamic. While the programming phase is typically finalized before design commences, designing while programming allowed the City and Design Team to optimize efficiencies shared across departments, such as meeting and support spaces. Rather than provide redundant programming, this approach provided flexibility in accommodating the budget while meeting current and future program needs.

In collaboration with Alm2s

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