Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Denver

Modern Color Blocking Sets the Stage

50,272 SF


Denver, CO

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Situated on two top floors of the iconic Cash Register Building in Denver, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner wanted their clear international brand identity to be impactful, while acting as the stage upon which the unique Denver personality could flourish.

Having recently merged with Bryan Cave, it was critical that the office design not only manifest a powerful new message of cultural unity, but capture the expansive, outward-focused nature of Colorado. In order to achieve this message, the existing space needed to be completely gutted and redesigned from scratch. An existing small enclosed “communicating” stair in the public zone was demolished in lieu of a larger, floating stair outside of the public conference area where it could be enjoyed by the employees and energize the connection between floors without security concerns.

One of the biggest challenges was taking the London-based brand colors of orange and blue, and strategically infusing them throughout the design in bold ways that did not reference a “Denver Broncos” theme. This was achieved through separating the colors spatially into different monolithic “events” or destinations within the space, so that they could be appreciated individually. Additionally, the remaining design palette was reduced to tone-on-tone white-washed colors in order to allow the brand to make a statement, while simultaneously framing the unparalleled Colorado views.

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