Animas Hall

A first-year residence hall comprised of indoor and outdoor spaces and programs that reflect the campus context and emphasis on outdoor culture.

48,000 SF


Durango, CO

Fort Lewis College

Animas Hall is a 148-bed residence hall and the first building built within an AMD master-planned residential precinct along the eastern edge of Fort Lewis’s Durango campus. Comprised of single bedroom suites paired with social and academic spaces, the Hall creates a welcoming living and learning community with an emphasis on the outdoor experience that defines the campus culture.

Designed to update existing housing inventory and serve as a recruiting tool for new students to the college, the building provides compelling individual and collaborative spaces as well as indoor and outdoor amenities. Located on the East side of campus, active interior programs including a multi-use classroom and gathering space and a prominent first-floor student lounge space are oriented as highly visible elements, prominent to residents and visitors while gesturing back to the academic precinct of campus. The building forms a south-facing courtyard that serves as a central lawn for socializing, casual sporting activities, and relaxation.

The architectural character of the building ties back to the contextual mesa vernacular of the main campus by incorporating a similar material palette. While economy and efficiency were key considerations in aligning the building and project budget, the standard campus palette of stone was broadened to incorporate similar natural-toned stucco with accented areas of stone, weather corrugated metal, brown metal, and fiber cement panels. The resulting building blends with the campus and context while providing an inviting home to first year students, resident assistants, and visiting faculty.

In collaboration with RMBA Architects

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