2023 Senior Associate & Associate Promotions

April 7, 2023


We are proud to announce the promotion of five members of our AMD studio!

To Senior Associate…

Jenna Michieli, AIA, exemplifies collaboration and mentorship as a designer, skillfully embracing and inspiring colleagues, clients and consultants. Our work has benefited from her sincerity, curiosity and devotion, including at the Rocky Mountain Deaf School, Colorado Mountain College and Aims Community College.

Katie Spicer, AIA, is a problem-solver, known for her positivity and patience. Her perseverance to project details, disarming sense of humor and gift for making connections has been integral to our recent work for the University of Denver, in the Westwood community and at Boise State University.

To Associate…

Jason Frank, AIA, specializes in intricate, design-forward multi-faceted projects. His steadfast approach to every design problem instills confidence in his peers and trust from clients, including the recent complex lab projects at the Anschutz Health Sciences Building.

Maureen Smith, AIA, is a true ambassador and advocate for the design process and product, and for our client’s needs. Her perceptiveness, natural grace and unwavering commitment has been fundamental to the success of the recent CU Business and Engineering project.

Dan Youngren is known for his diligence, quiet passion and mentorship. His diverse abilities, technical expertise and attention to craft has made him a studio leader in documentation and project execution, elevating our work for CSU Spur Terra, Rev360 and the City of Northglenn.

Congratulations again to Jenna, Katie, Jason, Maureen, and Dan!

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