GreatWest Life | Center Tower III Office Building and Parking Structure

  • $29M
  • 272,075 SF
  • 1999

The master plan for this headquarters complex is comprised of three quarter-cylinder ten story towers. In 1991, two towers had been constructed when GWL asked AMD to prepare design revisions and contract documents for the third tower. Economic conditions precluded construction of the third tower at that time.

By 1998, when the company elected to proceed with construction, contemporary high-rise building regulations, as well as institution of the Americans with Disabilities Act, rendered the 1991 design obsolete. AMD re-designed the tower, within the constraints of the existing foundation system.

When GWL determined to re-densify the work force operating at the site, the existing parking infrastructure became inadequate. AMD prepared a Master Plan for the company, incorporating the additional parking required, as well as parking to support an additional 450,000 SF of office and employee support space to be developed on the site.

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