Gilpin County School

  • $16.5M
  • 150,000 SF
  • 2001

Few building sites offer as many physical design challenges as the Gilpin County School, located three miles north of Black Hawk in Colorado’s Front Range mountains. The site is steep: the existing K-12 school facility is split into two buildings separated one from another by more than twenty vertical feet. The climate is also severe: winter winds can reach 130 mph.

The program called for doubling the facility’s square footage, linking the separate classroom and gymnasium buildings, and creating a new image for the school that will also become a community center with its new competition gym and 350 seat auditorium-no mean feat on such a constricted site.

AMD’s solution lies in positioning a new entrance lobby and grand stair tower at the east end of the existing classroom building. The lobby and stair tower create a new front door for the entire facility and link the existing classrooms with both new construction and the existing gym via a steel bridge.

With such a severe climate in mind, AMD designed the building around a two component structural system to minimize the contractor’s on-site exposure. The project also provides the community with two acoustically superior spaces for athletics and arts.

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