Denver Public Schools | Green School Classroom Cottage

  • 8,000 SF
  • $900K
  • 2012

In response to increasing growth at schools throughout the district, Denver Public Schools (DPS) asked for a concept study to investigate lower-cost/high-quality alternatives to the temporary modular classrooms used ubiquitously when a rapid deployment solution is needed for space. These modular units, while cost effective and available quickly, fall short of providing a solution that is creative and flexible for the district.

This prototype module yields construction efficiencies and allows for adaptability to match the needs of the specific context and program. The structural grid is organized around a 24′ wide bay, a dimension well-suited for grouped classroom clusters: either three traditional-sized classrooms, or combinations of traditional classrooms grouped with science and art classrooms.

Within the module, the program naturally breaks down into two types of spaces: flexible/open, and permanent/defined. The permanent/defined nodes include support spaces: bathrooms, storage, utility, office, etc. The flexible/open spaces include circulation, classroom, multi-function, and community uses.

The Denver Green School Classroom Cottage project has put forth a visionary prototype that is available not just quickly and affordably, but also provides flexible, quality learning environments and sustainable features to be used as a learning tool.

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