Boulder Valley School District | Broomfield HS Addition and Renovations

  • $16.6M
  • new 58,000 SF
  • reno 16,000 SF
  • 2009


  • 2010 Merit Award
  • American Institute of Architects
  • Denver Chapter

Broomfield High School has served many generations of students, faculty and staff. It started as a Junior High in the 1960’s, and has gone through many renovations, additions, and improvements as well as upgrades to its structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. AMD worked with the Boulder Valley School District and the Broomfield High School Design Advisory Team to develop concepts for 58,000 SF of additional new space and 16,000 SF of renovations.

The project challenges included issues associated with adding to the existing building, keeping the school safe and accessible during construction, and getting the most out of the limited budget.

The massing, configuration and material palette of the new addition integrate the existing and new environments to establish a fresh and progressive image for the high school.

A new public entry and classroom wings create a secure courtyard to be used for informal gathering and outdoor learning programs. Natural light is maximized in the new instructional spaces through the use of clerestories and light monitors, coupled with dimming/daylighting systems that conserve energy.

Although this project did not pursue LEED certification, the Xcel Energy Assistance Program estimates that the project uses approximately 48% less electricity and 25% less total operating energy. The additional project costs incurred to achieve these levels of energy conservation will take only 5.4 years to pay-back.

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