Aurora Public Schools | Paris Elementary School

  • $6.4M
  • 48,000 SF
  • 2006


  • 2011 Citation Award
  • American Institute of Architects
  • Colorado Chapter
  • 2006 Peak Design Award
  • Excellence in Design of New Construction
  • Council of Educational Facility Planners International

A compact footprint and multiple story building serve to maximize the open space available on this 2.6 acre site, while creating an interior environment that fosters a strong sense of community. The outdoor playground is seen as a community amenity, engaging the urban fabric along three edges, establishing a significant presence.

The building diagram is organized as two areas; a three story classroom pod and a shared commons area, which includes a library, gymnasium, and a cafeteria.
The public spaces that weave the two areas together are intended to be active spaces that, through the use of colors, natural light, and sculpted interior planes, stimulate and engage the children and teachers inhabiting the school. The classroom pod is organized around a Multi-Purpose Area that serves as an extension of the typical classroom.

The library is a two story volume that forms a figural presence at the main entry to the building, facing Paris Street. It becomes a symbolic gesture; an icon of Aurora Public Schools’ dedication to this growing community’s prosperity.

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