City of Greeley | Public Safety and Municipal Courts

  • $1.7M
  • 35,200 SF
  • 2008

The Greeley Public Safety Building was occupied by the Greeley Police Department, Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority offices and Fire Station No. 1, Municipal Court, and City Council Chambers. The PD vacated the building after construction of their new Headquarters, allowing for expansion of the Union Colony/Fire Station and Municipal Courts. The fire department and municipal court functions remained operational throughout the renovation.

The Union Colony Fire Rescue Authority was expanded, primarily adding new office space, a new fitness room, meeting room, and new lobby/reception area. A new, large shared training room was also added with related storage space, a new kitchen and expanded restroom facilities. New bedrooms, new accessible bathroom, and a new library space were added in the Fire Station No. 1 area.

The Municipal Court area was expanded to better serve the needs of the staff and the community. The existing main entrance to the building now primarily serves the Municipal Court area. A new dedicated courtroom was added, as well as enlarged attorney space, enlarged walk-up window area, and enlarged and improved waiting areas. Additional office space, employee break room, and employee restrooms were also added.

The Informational Technology Division also relocated from the basement of the nearby Senior Center into the second floor of the renovated building to provide separation from the more public functions in the building.

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