Northeastern Junior College | ES French Hall Renovation

  • $9.9M
  • 66,359 SF
  • 2015

ES French Hall was built in the 1960’s and was in need of significant repairs to its infrastructure and academic spaces. The project involved complete renovation and revitalization of the building, with the signature element being a refurbished community space in the Dorothy Corsberg Theatre, and added a new central atrium that was previously an outdoor courtyard.

The atrium serves as a new ‘living room’ for the students on campus and provide a home for faculty and staff during the day. The plan of the building was re-configured to provide better academic spaces, create a new theatre realm within the building and to make a better connection to the existing student union. It also serves on performance nights as pre-function and reception, accommodating Sterling’s theatregoers.

The front door of the building and entry sequence have been improved by flanking the entry with two art galleries, including a new home for the school’s William Sanderson collection, and providing a covered entry – the combination of which forms a new and appropriate image to the community.

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