Boise State University | Micron Business and Economics Building

  • $28M
  • 110,000 SF
  • 2012
  • in association

Boise State University has begun construction on the new Micron Business and Economics Building. The building includes about 110,000 SF and will support the college’s undergraduate students and growing graduate and executive education programs. Located at the corner of Capitol Boulevard and University Drive, it will be a gateway to the west end of campus when it opens in the fall of 2012.

The building’s design emphasizes student learning, research and community collaboration. Its four floors will include state-of-the art classrooms; a 250-seat lecture hall; a student commons area with food service, and unique student work spaces. Specialized learning spaces include a financial technology classroom and financial trading room.

Interactive areas such as the boardroom will welcome members of the community and encourage collaboration. The building will also house the college’s centers of business research and development. Linked by a promenade to campus activity centers to the east, a vibrant courtyard will become a new focus of campus life.

Sustainable building practices are a prime consideration in the building’s design. For example, plans include using geothermal energy as a heating source and optimizing use of natural light. The high-performance, environmentally progressive building is expected to use 40 percent less energy than a comparable structure.

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