Adams State College | McDaniel Hall Renovation

  • $9.2M
  • 70,696 SF
  • October 2011

McDaniel Hall, a 1966 three story cast-in-place concrete structure, became obsolete to today’s evolving teaching pedagogies and student learning needs, requiring a major renovation of the interior spaces and building systems.

The building exterior remained with the exception of a three-story glazed addition on the south elevation and upgraded glazing on all existing windows. The building interior was gutted and reconfigured to house current program needs, consisting primarily of classroom, computer laboratory, faculty office space, and student interactive space.

The building is organized into two zones: the public ground level and the private upper levels. The public zone contains program elements requiring the greatest public access, such as the lecture hall and open access computer laboratory. The ground level also incorporates a variety of new student interactive spaces, including an informal cafe with an exterior connection and small formal study alcoves. The private upper levels are further divided into three sub-zones: the western classroom zone, the central core circulation and service zone that extends to the ground level, and the eastern departmental zone. These sub-zones allow for greater efficiency in space planning maximizing the usable square feet for classrooms, departments, and building services.

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