Casper College l Residence Hall

  • $18.5M
  • 112,000 SF
  • 2011
  • in association

Starting with a collaborative programming process, Anderson Mason Dale Architects defined the program elements, sizes, spaces, amenities and systems that best met the College’s goals for their new 450-bed residence hall. AMD investigated site configuration options, looking at building location, outdoor open spaces and parking that take best advantage of the campus’s dramatic terrain.

Together with the College, AMD employed modular construction strategies to deliver higher quality more quickly and at a lower cost. The combination of labor markets and weather constraints in Casper suggested that modular would provide significant benefits to the owner.

The units are primarily double occupancy semi-suites with a small mix of full suites, supplemented with public spaces including study rooms, computer support, laundry, student kitchen, game room and social spaces.

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