RMDS | Rocky Mountain Deaf School

  • $9.9M
  • 46,000 SF
  • August 2014

The Rocky Mountain Deaf School (RMDS) is dedicated to providing first-class education for deaf and hard of hearing children and young adults. RMDS has a long and distinguished history in Colorado, always evolving to meet new challenges and current demands. The new school places RMDS in a first-class facility to match its educational mission.

The design includes the primary educational components for pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade to include classrooms, art rooms, science labs, a library media center, audio testing rooms, occupational and physical therapy rooms, computer rooms, auditorium and gymnasium.

Support spaces include conference spaces, cafeteria, multi-purpose spaces, courtyard, and administration facilities.

RMDS was awarded a 2011 BEST Grant to build the new PK-12 campus. In order to secure funding through BEST, Anderson Mason Dale Architects worked with RMDS and the Colorado Department of Education to ensure that the building’s design and budget were aligned with RMDS’ educational mission, as well as BEST’s budgetary realities. AMD also assisted RMDS in pursuit of additional grant monies, in support of the matching funds requirement for the BEST Grant application.

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