MHCD l Dahlia Campus for Health & Well-Being

  • $11M
    45,000 SF
  • 4-acre urban site
    6,000 SF Greenhouse
    800 SF Farm Stand
    1-acre Urban Farm
  • 2015

The Mental Health Center of Denver operates under the notion that strong communities are built on a foundation of mental and physical well-being. By strengthening the individual, family and neighborhood support, community and children flourish. The Dahlia Campus for Health and Well-Being focuses on improving overall well-being through healthy, fun and educational services that allow children and adults to develop new skills, build on their strengths and gain self-sufficiency. The Center provides a robust lineup of programs to support MHCD’s mission: preschool and day treatment classrooms, counseling spaces devoted to infants and care givers mental health services, a children’s dentistry suite, deaf and hard of hearing services, parenting classes, a teaching kitchen to support cooking & nutrition classes, multipurpose space for physical education, and a community/training room.

The site provides outdoor play spaces, horticultural therapy gardens and a one-acre farm to introduce healthy foods to this urban food desert. Storm water infrastructure takes the form of a curvilinear landscape feature running along the length of the building and terminating in a planted water quality pond configured with observation platforms. A figural entry porch and plaza establish a welcoming gesture for the community center, inviting neighbors to gather and engage in activities that will help them feel good and live well. A bright, vibrant and open place with rich indoor and outdoor spaces, the Dahlia Campus characteristically aligns with MHCD’s mission of forging resilience, hope and optimism.

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