Douglas County Libraries l Parker Branch Library

  • 45,000 SF
  • $11.5M
  • 2016
  • in association

The physical nature of the Parker Branch Library is derivative of the idiosyncratic town grid and the master development plan of this 4-acre site, which includes a public park and plaza, also designed by AMD. The geometries adopted establish relationships considered critical to the development of the EastMain corridor: an optimal setback relationship from Main Street to establish an urban character for the site; a strong relationship to the proposed plaza and park; the building’s relationship to PACE and Town Hall in advancing a civic precinct for Parker; optimally addressing the service side of the building; creating an iconic moment at the intersection of Main Street and Pine Drive to serve as a true gateway marker.

The entry lobby is a café-vibe space that stretches along the entire west edge of the building, correlating with the exposure to the public plaza and terminating at Main Street with a picture window to reveal the activity within. The second floor of the library perches over the west edge to form a porch and promoting interplay between the plaza and library ground level. A flexible collaboration/ maker space suite makes itself present from the entry to contribute to the active nature of this space.

An ornamental stair rises from a sculptural plinth that provides casual seating area facing out to the collections. The aperture within which the stair rises adopts a sinuous profile gracefully populated by computer workstations along its length. Natural light from roof monitors transmits through this area, creating an active social hub to see and be seen. Study rooms contribute to the DNA of the south elevation, with their organization creating a kinetic and playful quality through projection and relief. In tandem with the maker spaces, these collaboration spaces place library patrons along Main Street, contributing to the character of this urban corridor.

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