Douglas County Libraries l Lone Tree Branch Library

  • 25,000 SF
  • in association

The new Lone Tree Branch Library forms a civic threshold for this section of RidgeGate. The plan is organized to celebrate the civic nature of the Library along Commons Street to the west and the proposed outdoor space along Village Way to the south, with support program situated along Skyridge Avenue to the north and the parking area to the east along the future Town Ridge Drive. A continuous porch roof frames the entry sequence and defines an outdoor realm for congregation. The southern edge – housing lobby, conference area and flex/maker space – embraces a casual, cafe-feel, with high volume, transparency and connectivity to the outdoors. The new Library embodies a contemporary design aesthetic that translates the progressive nature of Douglas County Libraries’ service to their communities: Openness, transparency, connection and interplay are at the core of the design proposition set forth.

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