Platte River Power Authority l Headquarters Campus

  • 54,400 SF
  • $34M
  • in association

Built on their existing site in Fort Collins, the new Platte River Power Authority Headquarters Campus consists of an administrative headquarters building, offices for general business and engineering and operations functions, markets and transmissions control rooms. Other structures on the campus include a Pool Car Garage, Warehouse and Facilities Offices, Shops and Work Vehicle Garage. The 16.7 acre site features a pond used for irrigation, visitor and employee parking, bike parking, a public plaza, a fitness plaza, an employee plaza, a developed waterfront edge, and a maintenance and utility yard.

Beginning with principles and goals previously established by Platte River Power Authority, as well as the 2016 Strategic Plan, the design team began the programming process by engaging the project team stakeholders and the senior leadership team in a visioning session. This visioning session yielded in a set of guiding principles- ideas that guided the design process and decisions, and defined project goals essential to the success of the project.

As part of their commitment to be a carbon neutral electrical energy provider by 2030, the Platte River Power Authority is adding a new 5,000 SF extension to the HQ, the Energy Engagement Center. This 500-person conference center is currently under construction and will be open, by invitation, to the community for a variety of events, seminars, symposia and conferences focused on energy and its future.

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