City of Greeley l Municipal Court and Fire Station #1

  • Court
  • $16.8M
  • 50,000 SF
  • Fire
  • $8.4M
  • 24,924 SF
  • in association

The City of Greeley’s City Center is a two-phase project planned to consolidate various city administrative service offices. Phase One is three stories plus a partial basement, and houses primarily Municipal Courts, City Council chambers and facilities for cable television station GTV8 on Level 1. Level 2 accommodates the City’s Water and Sewer Department and Level 3 houses the Information Technology Department. The first phase was planned to be added to in the future in a way that optimizes connections between the two phases while minimizing revisions to Phase One.

Fire Station #1 is the City’s central station, incorporating administrative space, apparatus bays and living quarters for ten firefighters per shift. The building serves as the City’s backup Emergency Operations Center. The station design was an intensely personal process for the men and women who would eventually be living in the building, as the building would be their second home. The exterior is carefully tuned to connect to important traditions of firehouse design, but also establish a forward-looking vocabulary that would communicate values important to City leadership including transparency of government and resiliency of public services. Key spaces at the corners are articulated with large windows so that the activity of the station is visible to the passing citizenry and makes an inviting public entrance.

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