Bureau of Land Management | California Trail Interpretive Center

  • $9.2M
  • 16,000 SF
  • 2008


  • 2001 Honor Award for
  • Planning and Urban Design
  • Colorado/ASLA

AMD provided programming and design services for a new interpretive center for the Bureau of Land Management. This facility presents the story of 300,000 pioneers who traveled the longest trek in U.S. history.

An east west curved wall, adopting the colors and texture of the hillside, forms the backdrop for a series of volumes housing specific interpretive exhibits.

Articulated in light colored metal panels and glazing systems, these volumes form a counterpoint to the more textured, sandstone-clad wall that is animated by the movement of the sun. Variation in this sandstone wall’s height, texture and detail will serve to mitigate its length and provide a visually kinetic surface. Vaulted roofs over these areas offer volume while animating the building elevation, paying homage to the wagon covers critical during the emigrant travels along the trail.

The building design, while alluding to the presence of wagon covers in the landscape, intentionally avoids overt mimicking of Trail history. While the contents of the building speak primarily to the stories of yester years, the building adopts a contemporary posture on the site and strives to acknowledge our presence in the 21st century.

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