WSU Tri-Cities l MP Update & STEM Program Verification

The Washington State University Tri-Cities Campus Master Plan update and Program Verification was initiated by the funding of the Academic/STEM Building in 2018. Long anticipated, the new $23M facility will provide new science laboratories, student gathering and breakout space, and significantly refine the central core of the pedestrian campus in Richland, WA.

The programming for the Academic/STEM Building was verified within a broader review of campus labs and academic spaces. Campus wide capacity for labs and classrooms, and the long-term goals for instructional space types, was established first; programming for the new facility was verified within this broader concept. The campus Master Plan was updated through a campus wide, community-based process of broad stakeholder feedback. The Richland campus has grown in recent years and city patterns of use, based on predominant employers and opportunities for students, have changed in this time period. The campus master planning update process sought to reinforce the campus pedestrian environment, densifying and increasing the vitality and student experience of the core campus.

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