University of Wyoming | Information Technology Facility

  • $27M
  • 84,240 SF
  • 2009
  • in association

Universities have always filled a crucial cultural role as places to store and share information. The power of shared computer networks allows students, faculty and staff to centrally store and share data with an unprecedented level of volume and convenience. This new building at the University of Wyoming is designed to provide the physical infrastructure to support the data infrastructure that keeps information flowing. This facility provides an accessible, reliable and secure network as well as the necessary technical support. The new IT Center houses all four departments of the UW’s Division of Information Technology along with the machine room, its control room and HVAC gallery space. The new facility brings all of the components of the IT Division together in one building which simplifies access and increases collaboration and communication among the division staff.

Six primary goals drove the design of this project; flexibility, convenient location, machine room environment, office space, technology training and conferencing facilities, public and support facilities. The design strived to find the best balance of these goals while also creating a clearly organized, efficient, and beautiful building. The new machine room greatly improves reliability while providing for future expansion of data services. The public support areas provide easy access for students and the rest of the University community to technical software and hardware support as well as a new computer lab and computer sales areas.

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