University of Wyoming | Enzi Educational [STEM] Facility

  • $38M
  • 100,000 SF
  • January 2016
  • in association


2017 Laboratory of the Year
Special Recognition for Collaborative Learning Environment

R&D Magazine and
Laboratory Design

The new Enzi Education [STEM] Facility was developed as the initial building on the north side of Lewis Street for the northwest precinct within the University of Wyoming’s Long Range Development Plan. As a leading edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education facility, the University hopes to foster a teaching and learning environment that will invigorate the attraction of students to the STEM fields, cultivate interest and success within the STEM disciplines, as well as enrich students’ experience of the scientific and computational processes, discovery and collaborative learning.

Included in the new facility are class laboratories to serve the lower division courses within Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Geology and a limited number of Agriculture courses. The planning for the facility focused on developing a STEM building that will meet the immediate facility needs while maintaining flexibility so that the facility will serve the University well into the very distant future.

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