University of Wyoming | Anthropology Building

  • $11.5M
  • 52,500 SF
  • 2007
  • in association

The University of Wyoming Anthropology Building (formerly Archaeological and Anthropological Resource Facility) brings together in one facility several related departments and State offices previously housed in various locations on the Laramie campus.

The facility includes the departments of Anthropology and Archaeology, as well as the State Historic Preservation office, the Frison Institute (affiliated with the UW Anthropology department), the state Curation lab, and large collections associated with these departments and offices.

The facility is located on the north side of Lewis Street; it is the first campus building located in what will become the University’s area of growth in the future. As such, the new building establishes a very important first precedent of material, scale, mass, and architectural language.

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3198 Speer Boulevard
Denver Colorado 80211

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