University of Denver l Engineering and Computer Science Building

  • $52.2M
  • 130,000 SF
  • 2016

The School of Engineering and Computer Science is the new home for some of the burgeoning areas of education and research at the institution. In addition to diverse lab, classroom and office space, the project provides a comprehensive research and development center for students to engage real world experiences as researchers, developers, programmers, project managers and data analysts. The building includes incubator spaces that allow students to take ideas and transform them into reality, in a project-based setting. Leveraging the potential for collaboration between disciplines, the building consolidates previously scattered engineering disciplines, in a single state-of-the-art facility.

The Knoebel Center occupies the top floor, with spaces tailored to support the innovative research. Capped by a shimmering zinc and limestone dome, the building provides a major, central symposium space for scholarly presentations and celebrations. The building also offers a variety of new classroom environments under the dome, which is flanked by two simple forms that efficiently house office functions to the west and lab spaces to the east. Visitors to the building and those simply passing through are able to engage “engineering on display” on the lower floors, with views into fascinating lab and shop space, and a new café provides a gathering place.

The building takes advantage of its position as a gateway from the south end of campus, providing a convenient interior connection that links the sunny new southern courtyard with a spacious new campus green to the north.

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