University of Colorado Denver l Student Wellness Center

  • $35.6M
    85,000 SF
  • in association
  • with SmithGroup

In April 2015, in an effort led by CU Denver’s SGA, students voted in record numbers to pass the measure to increase student fees to fund a new student wellness center, with unprecedented turnout; the CU Board of Regents added their approval. The new Wellness Center includes fitness facilities such as a lap pool, gymnasium, a “commuter haven” lounge for CU Denver students between classes, and other features. The Center encompasses a variety of dimensions including Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Financial, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, and Creative.

The building is organized around a central, iconic interior space and circulation spine aligned with Walnut Street, an overt organizational gesture linking architecture to the campus “grain.” The new Tivoli Quadrangle project extends Walnut Street, creating a new and important campus pedestrian circulation path parallel to Larimer. The location of the Center on axis with Walnut Street will also increase its use. The southern façade is an opportunity to “complete the courtyard,” to frame outdoor space and articulate the architecture in a way that makes a cohesive campus greenspace.

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