MSU Denver l Health Institute Program and Concept Design

Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) has undertaken a transformative initiative to establish a new Health Institute on the Auraria Higher Education campus. This initiative is a collaboration of ten academic departments with a common vision to advance health equity in the state of Colorado through diversifying the health workforce and cultivating a whole-person approach to wellness. The aspiration of the Health Institute is no less than to revolutionize health in Colorado. To achieve this vision, AMD provided Programming and Conceptual Design for the University, focused on key pillars of the program.

The new Health Institute will build upon these pillars and key differentiators which are already in place for MSU Denver: a legacy of workforce development, a location at the heart of Denver, and a history of promoting access for the region’s under-served student populations. AMD’s Programming and Concept Report puts forth a physical building vision to align to the University’s aspirations and is the central component of the University’s fundraising efforts.

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