CSU Center l Spur Terra at National Western Center

Cost: $30.5M estimated
Size: 60,000 SF
Completion: 2021

The Spur Terra l CSU Center is situated at a primary gateway moment on the National Western Center Campus, at the intersection of Bettie Cram Drive and National Western Drive, responding to the energy and scale of Grand Plaza by creating a generous public plaza which acts as a front porch for CSU’s Innovation Campus. This plaza is envisioned as a gathering space for visitors, creating an outdoor forecourt that begins to tell the story of food and agriculture to the casual passer-by. The plaza will also support a broad range of flexible outdoor events.

Spur Terra will celebrate innovative design and technology while connecting with the rich history and authentic pragmatic spirit of the National Western Center. The architectural palette is inspired by and rooted in the patterns and tones of Colorado’s agricultural landscape. Materials anchoring the building to the ground draw on the rich color and texture of soil profiles and crop landscapes. As the building elevates vertically, inspiration is drawn from the highly technical and delicate structural forms found across today’s modern agricultural landscape, from center-pivot irrigation structures to urban agriculture greenhouses and drone fertilizing devices. Ground level glazing will be selected to maximize transparency, allowing for strong indoor-outdoor connectivity and visibility. Elevated areas of glazing take on a subtly reflective quality to amplify the often rapidly changing weather patterns in Colorado and reinforce the strong connection between agriculture and weather.

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